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the next step clt framework

The Next Step Framework is a blueprint to how the Charlotte City Council can help communities experiencing high trauma heal from years of traumatic stress inflicted onto them by systemic disenfranchisement. It provides a clear direction forward in creating a triumphant and sustainable city. Together we can transform Charlotte into a world class city where everyone has access to succeed and achieve prosperity.

Alleviating the Charlotte Public Health Crisis through Housing for All

Housing for All is the macroeconomic concept Kendrick Cunningham embraces to make Charlotte a more affordable region. Kendrick firmly believes that Charlotte residents need permanent shelter and access to quality public services before worrying about getting a job, budgeting properly or attending to substance abuse issues. In order to create more triumphant communities and deflate the price of the Charlotte housing market with diverse price point housing, the City of Charlotte must outpace the building of housing units and the creation of housing options juxtaposed to that of the amount of units we need to house per income level per year.

Changing the Crescent Youth Narrative and Reducing Violent Crime

The violent crime we are witnessing increasing is a result of the growing public health crisis in Charlotte. Kendrick Cunningham firmly believes that violent crime in Charlotte will not reduce by further militarizing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. That reinforces authoritarian and oppressive control that inflicts more trauma, ultimately increasing violent crime and lowering quality of life. Having directly and repeatedly experienced trauma from gun violence in Charlotte, Kendrick knows that violent crime is being spurred on by household and societal factors. That is why as the Charlotte City Council District 2 Representative, Kendrick will work to ensure that non-traditional, fiscally responsible approaches are being prioritized to making Charlotte a safer city

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