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COMMUNITY leaders for kendrick cunningham

The latest poll released by the Black Political Caucus showed that the district two race can be determined by a slim one-third of voters. We need the support of community leaders who know how much this moment means for us to have a leader like Kendrick represent our district! That is why we created Operation CL4K. We believe that we are stronger together and together we can persuade the people we know we need a part of our supporting cast to help Kendrick get over the finish line. If you support Kendrick's vision for district two and want to help us push him through your networks, please sign up to join our coalition today.

This coalition will be responsible for spreading this link to other community leaders you need to support Kendrick and would like us to get in contact with. This list we be publicized to the public and our press contacts prior to the start of Early Voting. Updates will be published throughout Early Voting and before Election Day.

Join the Community Leaders for Kendrick Today!

Thanks for joining our stakeholder coalition! We'll get back to you soon.

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