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Improving Job and Career Access

Residents in Charlotte’s working class communities are not able to be hired with companies located near the homes. Many residents are not able to obtain jobs or lose their jobs because they do not have a consistent way to work outside of the Charlotte Area Transportation System. This increases the amount of residents who are jobless in our working-class communities and ultimately leads to more homelessness, more crime, and more violent aggression. Kendrick Cunningham whole-heartedly believes that all residents deserve the ability to work, eat, and play where they sleep.


The Social Wealth Mobilization Theory is an idea Kendrick created and wants to incorporate in his public policy suggestions surrounded around job and career access. His theory is that if the Charlotte City Council invest in human resources to enable them to make use of natural resources, they will be able to create a sustainable line of capital that would eventually mobilize them into the “middle class.”

Investing in Small Businesses

As Kendrick travels around district three, he constantly thinks about how he can help small business owners become permanent vendors in the Charlotte area. That is why in every opportunity he can advocate for this platform point to become a reality, Kendrick will. Whether that be creating flexible zoning for more business markets or providing grants to small businesses that have a positive impact to Charlotte communities, Kendrick Cunningham will make sure that small businesses in district three are provided with a fair shot at succeeding.


Helping Wage Workers Find Better Opportunities

Kendrick Cunningham grew up in a working-class family. He knows far to well what it means to take one step forward, but take two steps back at the same time. That is why Kendrick will make sure that district three residents are connected to opportunities that help them to professionally develop. Kendrick wants to help district three residents take three steps forward in every stride they make!


Improving the District 3 Economy

Kendrick Cunningham fully supports the #MusicEverywhereCLT initiative. That is why he wants to work significantly to increase the amount of entertainment venues that district three residents have to attend and work at. This will provide the district with more jobs, more opportunities for small business owners to grow, a greater opportunity to keep dollars circulating in district three, and an increased ability to create more community.


Increasing High School Graduation and College Enrollment Rates

A social scientist, Kendrick Cunningham knows that there are three common factors that define class: education, income, and occupation. Communities in Charlotte are highly segregated based upon the amount of education a resident attains. Having an undergraduate college degree is essential to securing a house in a middle-class community in our city. That is why Kendrick will restore “the village” concept to increase the number of district three youth that graduate from high school and enroll into college.

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